Meaning Zazu Zeh (means?)

What Is The Full Meaning Of Zazu Zeh Portable Omolalomi


The story of “Zazu Zeh” will touch you, this slang came into trend as a fast rising upcoming superstar, Portable got a collaboration deal with a prominent Nigerian vocalist, Olamide alongside Viral trend dancer, dancer,  Poco Lee.

The Slang Zazu Zeh happens to be Portable song’s lyrics with a critical meaning, some says Zazu Zeh means “Are you sure”, while another source says it all related to extreme street life, crime, s*x, juju, yahoo.


Slang Sentence Usage Sample:

Zazu Zeh, Mu Client Eh Wa Ka Zeh,

On My Way To Ilu Awon Zu,

Awon Omo Olobo Zeh,

Fun Mi Ni Phone Eh Kin Ba Eh Zeh (Give Me Your Phone To Help You Zeh.

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