(Video) Comedian, Mr. Spell Buhari spotted begging for money and food in Lagos

Mr. Spell Buhari
Mr. Spell Buhari

Comedian, Mr. Spellz Buhari after making fame for quite a period of time, was spotted on the Street of Lagos begging for food and money.

According to a viral gossip on social media’s, many reports says that Mr. Spell is currently broke and it’s because of mismanagement from his so-called manager, he also confirm on a video clip that he has no money.

A generous Nigerian who sighted him from a distance got a delicious Nigerian Jollof rice and a sachet of pure water to sustain him from hunger, he also told Mr. Spell that he will take the video to social media seeking aids for Mr. Spellz.

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On the Video clip Mr. Spellz seems to look unhealthy and on kept, putting on old clothes, in conclusion, Mr. Spell moves from grace to grass.

after all, Comedian, Mr. Spell Buhari was ask to spell Buhari, he obliged as he spelt Buhari in an entertaining way. He (Mr. Spell Buhari) became popular months ago after his video showing how he was spelling words in a hilarious way went viral on social media. 

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