See Angel-Like Creature Hovering Over TB Joshua’s Casket At His Funeral

It has been a mystery all over the world as the death of a healer and preacher was announced.

Since his death, different news and stories from perspectives, pastors, reverend, ministers and many other have been on social media. The lastest video has been shared a million times across different social media platforms.


Everyone has been on suspense seeing Angel like creature flying over TB Joshua’s Casket at the final funeral rites if the late Prophet TB Joshua.

The video below reviews the creature which was captured on camera during the funeral. Precisely it was not an hidden or spiritual something, it was seen physically hanging on air but it seems that its presence was only captured by the camera crew.


Meanwhile, while other persons takes it to be the sign acceptance of the soul while others argued that it is a creative work and a sort of editing to form mysterious story.

See video:


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