(PHOTO) Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan in shock after buying a bunch of plantain for N6,000

Nigerian Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan surprise over the rate at which things are sold at high rate in Nigeria after he bought a bunch of plantain for N6,000 at a market in Lagos state.

We all agreed the fact that foods and other imported resources had added price over the pass few years, but that 4 and ΒΌ Plantain is not worth the price it was sold.

Mofe, shared a picture of the bunch of plantain he bought for N6K on his Instagram page.
He wrote:
“This is 3 & 3/4 bunch of plantain cost N6000 (six thousand naira). Read that again.”

Though so many Nigerians still didn’t believe Mofe Duncan, but anything can happen in our country, who ever believe fuel could hit 200+ naira in Nigeria.?


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