They Tell Me This, They Tell Me That by Omah Lay audio, lyrics video & mp4

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Sensational Nigerian singer and music composer, Omah Lay has Released an outstanding hit single titled “They Tell Me This, They Tell Me That (Woman).”

Quotable lyrics;

They tell me this
They tell me that
They say my bitch, say she ah bad
Anytime I knack, I knack without
Rubber band, no rubber band
Everytime I put am, e sure me die
If I no pull out, she got my back
Odoyewu, I’m happy that


See everything I do is for my woman (Ah ah ah)
Anything at all wey you talk I go do am (Oh oh oh)
Me I no dey see another girl for my visuals (Eh eh eh eh)
Loving you, loving you na my ritual (Ah ah ah ah)

Omah Lay song “They Tell Me This, They Tell Me That” is an outstanding sensation that you must add to your music collections.

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