2021/2022 JAMB Registration [The full guide]

Just as we know that the Joint Admission and matriculation board(JAMB) is set to begin the registration for the 2021 exam by may,it is necessary for any student attempting to seat for the exam to go know the necessary  things to have,as it is no longer as it used to be.

What to know about Jamb 2021

Jamb 2021 registration started 12th April 2021,and the deadline for registration is 15th May 2021.

Jamb 2021 examination date is 5th June 2021, and the exam ends 19th June 2021

You need to know that the way jamb registration is done in the past years is quite different from this,as the use of emails are no longer allowed.

If you think you’ve hit a crossroad on this 2021 jamb registration,don’t worry,Im here to put you through. Below are the steps to follow to successfully register for jamb in 2021


To be qualified to register and seat for the jamb exam,all students are mandated to have their National identify number,which would be used during the registration. Failure to get an NIN would result in the student forfeiting his/her exam.

Incase you don’t know how to retrieve your NIN Number simply follow these three steps

  • Dial *346# on your phone
  • Select 1 on the pop up screen(since you’re using the phone number you used to register for the NIN)
  • A new message will pop up with your eleven digit national identity number

Now isn’t that simple?.. let’s get to the next chapter

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You may ask yourself, what is my jamb profile code,and how can I get it? Well I’m going to answer all your questions in this blog post

During the past jamb registrations,the profile codes are always given to you on the day of the registration,at the center you decide to register in,but it’s different concerning this 2021 jamb registration,you have to derive your profile code before any registration can commence.

To derive your profile code,simply send NIN followed by your national identity number to 55019. For example NIN 45868858901 to 55019,then a message would be sent back to you with a ten digit code (e.g 5489680134) that is your profile code.

If you’ve gotten your profile code before,and you lost it,or mistakenly deleted the code,simply resend the SMS,if you’ve lost the phone or sim, just follow these two easy steps to retrieve your jamb profile code I wrote below.



Use your email and password you used to register for jamb to log in to the jamb E facility portal,you’ll see a message like ‘Welcome Demilade…’ at the top right,you’ll see your profile code.



Login to your personal email address (that was used to register for the examination) you’ll find an email that was sent on the exact day you registered,it’ll contain your profile code and some other informations

So there it is,Now you know the fastest and surest ways to retrieve your profile code.


To continue with the jamb registration,it is mandatory to buy the jamb pin which would be used for the registration. To purchase one,you can simply go to any of these jamb accredited banks to buy a jamb pin(banks such as Union bank, Zenith bank, Access bank, CBT centers, the JAMB State offices and from the Nigerian Postal Agencies)

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The final stage in your quest of registering for 2021/2022 jamb is for you to locate any jamb accredited centres that isn’t far from your location,and complete the registration there.

So that’s all you need to know about 2021/2022 jamb registration

Note that you would be asked to pick your choices of institution,and if you would be registering with an O level result,you would need to present it at the point of registration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I complete my registration at a cyber cafe


No you can’t! Jamb has ruled out cyber cafes from registering students for the exams due to the fact that there had been some complaint of extortion by these cyber cafes,this forcing the JAMB body to strike them out.


I forgot my jamb password,what should I do?

If you forgot your passkey,don’t panick,simply click the forgot password button at the jamb log in page,and a new one will be sent to your mail.

Do you have more questions to ask? Leave a comment in the comments section,and I’ll be delighted to reply you.

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