Iconic Moment Uber driver was ‘bitten and strangled’ by a passenger while he was driving (video)

Uber Driver Strangled to Dead
Uber Driver Strangled to Dead

During a ride, an Uber driver was assaulted by a female passenger.

55-year-old woman named Michele Stilwell allegedly strangled Michael from behind during a ride in Florida, US, on Saturday night, April 17, driver Michael Hassey Jr., 22, received bite wounds and scratches to his body.

The lady, according to Michael, was asleep for the majority of the journey and when she awoke, she attacked him while shouting “my daughter, my daughter.”

Uber Driver
Uber Driver

Michael said he tried to calm the woman down by saying, ” “I’m struggling to breathe. I’m just an Uber driver.

After the attack, he was left with a bloody bite mark on the back of his neck.

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When he was finally pull over, he was ecstatic, Stilwell reportedly crawled over to the driver’s seat and sunk her teeth into Michael’s neck.

She allegedly “continued to bite, strangle, and scratch” at him before onlookers intervened and pulled him from the car.

Narrating the incident, Michael said: “She sinks into my neck like a pit bull, shaking her head and stuff.

“I’ve never been that scared in my whole entire life, I thought I was going to die.”

Stilwell was apprehended by police around 9 p.m. and charged with aggravated battery in connection with the attack in St. Petersburg.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, police officers suspected Stilwell was inebriated.

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She was also charged with tampering with a witness, and at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, she was released on a combined $15,000 (£10,785) bond for the two offences.

Michele Stilwell
Michele Stilwell


Witness said;

“Violence of any kind is not tolerated on the Uber app, and we immediately removed the rider’s access as soon as this was reported to us.”

She added;

“clear violation of our community guidelines” and that the company will work with law enforcement to help with their investigation.

Watch Video below;


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