‘I pray you get married soon’ – were the funny words of prayer of reality TV star Alex unusual targeted towards Birthday celebrant Nelson Enwerem.

The Reality TV star who also happens to be a businesswoman was in joyous mode as she took to her Instagram handle to pass across a sweet birthday message to her best friend Prince Nelson Enwerem.

In her words: “To this friend that is ready to stay on the phone and let me cry for hours. Invade my shoots and dump his shoot for me to handle, Be at my house if there is ever a problem, frustrate my life”

“Shout like ndi mmuo when I’m making him run late after i’ve probably waited for him for hours. Refused to keep to the house rules pasted on my kitchen door and many other
mischievous things”

“I’ll like to say happy birthday. I really pray for the best that there is in life @princenelson enwerem . I pray you get married soon so you’ll stop calling to ask if I cooked”


“I pray for more money and growth. Ehen, I pray you remember to buy me all the sneakers you owe me because the day I’ll have your time is coming” she shared via her stories