Davido Baby Mama (Babymama) Lilly and daughter Aubrey Rose

Davido daughter, Aubrey Rose and baby mama Lily


Nigerian singer, Davido Adeleke, allegedly welcomes baby girl and 5th child, Aubrey Rose, with Kenyan’s pastor’s daughter, Lilly.

An eyewitness has revealed Davido’s 6th baby mama from Kenya, who found love at first sight.

See what the source said;


Lilly is a Kenyan-American lady and she’s a photographer based in San Francisco, United States of America. Lilly’s father is a popular Kenyan pastor in a community in Kenya.

Davido and Lilly met each other during his “Good Time American” tour March 5, 2020. Lilly, happens to be the photographer (with her team) sent to the tour to capture some incredible moments from Davido’s live performances.
In the process, they (Davido and Lilly) fell in love, according to our source and it was during that period that Chioma and Davido were having issues, which they kept hiding. Covid-19 made Davido cancel his tour in America at that time.
Kenyans are dragging Lilly as they keep calling on all sort of names.
The source continued;
“Please keep my identity hidden. I wanted to shine some light on rumors circulating about Davido having a secret baby mama from Kenya. There’s a viral video on Youtube/Facebook with the young lady who attended his concert in San Fransico around 2020. Many other videos states, San Fransico is in South America. That is completely wrong, San Fransico is located in California, not South America. Our people are horrible with geography…
“I can solely confirm Lilly (the photographer) was present during the show. I was the one in charge of making arrangements and giving access to local photographers. Lilly was the only female photographer I approved. However, on March 5th David did another haver another photographer onsite. He wanted to use that photographer to capture the moments from that night instead of a new local photographer. I relayed this message to Lilly on the day of the concert. She was very professional. Honestly, she was super chill about it, so I offered her full access. I provided her merchandise from the show, she politely declined. I thought that was very admirable and professional.
“I was there to witness David and Lilly’s first meet. Honestly, I was surprised when David and Lilly hit it off. She did not dress like how most of the women who go after all these famous singers. She didn’t even have on a wig nor any sight of makeup. She was all-natural, headwrap on her hair, and casual business outfit. I thought Davido had a type. Everyone thought Lilly was not David’s type at all. She was too humble and chill. Her deep perspective on life had you rethink your own. She didn’t smoke or drink when offered. We were all shocked when they began talking.
“On the other hand, one of David’s guys was interested in Lilly. I won’t mention who, but he’s close to David. He recognized Lilly instantly when I introduced her to everyone. He tried to talk to Lilly on Instagram before, and I guess she wasn’t interested. The same guy is the one who reminded David of his relationship with Chioma throughout their conversion. David and Chioma’s relationship was on the rocks, everyone knew. But David and Lilly’s connection was too strong. It was like a love at first sight connection. It’s like nobody was in the room when they talked to each other. So in saying this, I’m not surprised Lilly and David came together to make a mini-them. In my opinion, they’re like lost soulmates who found each other like that. Lilly seemed like a very private person. They only took a couple of selfies on her phone. Now learning her dad is a famous pastor, it makes sense.To sum up, I’ve read all comments from the viral video on youtube/Facebook. Our people completed misjudged Lilly. Even though we didn’t pay Lilly, I feel obligated to give insight into the situation. They ultimately fell for each other, even though they both come from different worlds. David was trying to work out his relationship with Chioma, and Lilly was in a relationship herself. David and Lilly made their child out of the genuine connection they had. It’s that simple.
“You are welcome to share this information. But, again, please keep my identity hidden. I do not want to attract any attention. I just wanted our people to stop judging Lilly the way they are.”
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