Chris Evans Girlfriend Yvette Nicole Brown React to Evans’ Online Flirtation With Lizzo

Chris Evans Girlfriend Yvette Nicole Brown
Chris Evans Girlfriend Yvette Nicole Brown

Chris Evans Twitter girlfriend Yvette Nicole Brown Reacts to Twitter Christopher Robert Evans Online Flirtation With Lizzo.

Chris Evans had an online flirtation for years now on Twitter with Yvette Nicole Brown. They both call themselves Twitter boyfriend and girlfriend.

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The Grammy-winning musician,  Lizzo disclosed a private chat with Chris Evans via TikTok videos that she drunkenly slid into Chris Evans’ Instagram DM and even got a response and follow from the Avengers: Endgame star, Captain America.

See reply by Yvette Nicole Brown’s

Dear @ChrisEvans and @Lizzo, this is super cute and I’m gon’ let y’all finish but first: Alexa play: “The Boy is Mine” REAL loud at Lizzo’s house.

Below are Yvette Nicole Brown’s hilarious tweets about Chris Evans and Lizzo’s viral DMs:

Chris Evans Girlfriend replied on another Twitter post;

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There’s no bidding competition. I’ve got the spot. He’s MY Twitter Bae. Everybody gets ONE. Real life, @instagram @Pinterest and @LinkedIn are up for grabs. Shoot your shot!




She also said;

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Dangit! I forgot! I’ve got @ChrisEvans locked down on @instagram, too! Playful replies are binding! Mystery solved! That’s why he didn’t respond to @Lizzos DM! My Bae is FAITHFUL.

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