Bones Airplanemode audio, lyrics video & mp4

Airplanemode by Bones


Sensational hip hop vocalist and songwriter, Bones has emerge with an amazing masterpiece tagged “Airplanemode“.

Bones song “Airplane Mode” an outstanding sensation that you must add to your music collections.


Notable lyrics;

Fck it, now you duckin’
When I say I got them shooters, baby, no, no, I’m not bluffin’
Bustin’, why you cuffin’?
Hoes they be so obvious, they out here suckin’, fckin’

Duffle full of dope
Smoke ’til you choke
King BONES ’bout to build a moat
On my throne, hand-crafted out of gold
In my coat, I keep a weapon
I’ll let it show if you keep on steppin’
Startin’ to reckon that you don’t wanna breathe
Take your lungs, watch your body deep freeze, what?

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