Top 5 Best cities in the world 2021

Best cities in the world
Best cities in the world to visit

Unlike other lists that you may have seen concerning the best cities in the world, this is quite different, and it’s an updated list. If you’re finding it hard to choose the best city in the world you can visit,read through this article and stay satisfied.

The first and most respected city when it comes to tourism is London.



Apart from being the capital city of a great nation,England, London is also among the first cities to be mentioned when the issue of the best city in the world come up.

Over 300 languages are being spoken in london,and when you talk about tourism,england is the right place to be.

To convince you on why you should pick london for your next vacation,I have compiled a few things that may interest you…

Below are the best beaches near London you can visit and have a relaxing day

  • Botany Bay
  • Frensham Beach, Surrey
  • White table Beach
  • Bournemouth Beach, Dorset
  • Camber Sands, Sussex

Those are some of the popular beaches near london



Also called the city of love, paris is the capital city of france,and it has been ranked among the best cities in the world when it comes to tourism and lots more.

Ever wondered why it’s called the city of love? Well there is a saying that no one goes to paris without bringing back a bride. Apart from the love the people of paris have for their food,culture and entertainment,they also admire pets alot,to the extent that atleast one out of seven parisan owns a dog.

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Although alot of people believe Dubai is the capital of UAE,but this is false. The capital of UAE is Abu Dahabi.

When it comes to good economic growth,Dubai is one of the many states in the world who is ranking high. Also being a huge centre of attraction,Dubai is a city that attracts millions of foreigners every year and it has been categorized among the best cities in the world.

If you’re still curious on how fun and exciting Dubai can be,the check out my list of the best and most popular foods in Dubai, simply enter any active restaurant and place your order

Below are five of the most popular foods in Dubai

  • Luqaimat
  • Turkish cocktails
  • Samboosa
  • Chebab
  • Knafeh

We’re only half way through our journey on the best cities you can visit in the world,and I’m sure you must have started imagining yourself in these places.

Well let’s go on..


Moscow,the capital city of Russia has won the honor of coming fourth in my list of the best cities you can visit in the world.

Moscow has been known for its amazing architectural buildings right from the 13th century,the city has also produced great artists who have painted amazing paintings which you can find in different museums in the city.

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Below are five great places to make your visit to moscow fun and exciting

  • Kremlin(Official home of the president of the russian federation)
  • Bolshoi theater (home of the largest and oldest opera companies in the world)
  • Gum<Moscow’s oldest shopping center)
  • Lenin’s Mausoleum (Place where Vladimir lenin was buried

Now the last city in my list of the best cities goes to Drumroll……


Also known as the city of light, new york is one of the busiest and industrial city in the world,filled with people moving to and fro both during the day and night.

New york being the capital of USA also gives it some great respect when it comes to mentioning the best cities in the world.

Visiting the parks are one of the ways to enjoy your visit to the great state.And below are lists of some of the most popular parks in New York

  • Van Cortland park
  • Central Park, Manhattan
  • Marine park, Brooklyn
  • Alley Pond park
  • Flushing Meadows/Corona park

So those are five of the most popular parks in New York.

Now I have ended my list on the best cities you can visit in the world. When next you’re going for a tour around the world don’t forget to check my list.

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