As the triangles in the Big brother Naija reality TV show begins to take shape to the delight of its viewers, the most talked about housemates right about this moment sheggz has come out to reveal what attracted him to Bella.


Both sheggz and Bella are featured on the Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ as housemates, and in less than a week into the reality TV show, they both are already looking forward to get entangled in a not too big for one to fall in love.


This shouldn’t come much as a suprise to the viewers as it has become a popular occurence on the show having happened in previous editions of the show.


With the likes of Groovy and Beauty, Alysyn and Hermes and the one’s just talked about which are Sheggz and Bella all seems to be cooking something up in the form of relationship in the house.


Shedding more light as to why he finds Bella attractive to his fellow housemate chomzy, sheggz noted her cuteness and personality was all for him.


He had the following conversation


Chomzy : Bella is so beautiful, her skin is popping

Sheggz: Yeah so cute, her mouth is so sharp but I like it and her personality is so big for her size.