The ‘Level Up’ season is finally giving viewers the controversies and gbas gbos they have always demanded for as Amaka and Phyna fights dirty this morning.


This heated argument was between the two housemates are already Phyna and Amaka who looks to be friends and be in good terms only for misunderstanding to ensue between them both.


The fight from the look of things was to be a nasty only for the intervention of Beauty and Bryan, to counter the whole situation resulting to calmness.

According to Phyna, Amaka had earlier discussed and briefed her she intend to get into the minds of the other housemates and ever since, the altercation started.


During the course of the argument, Phyna called Amaka ‘manipulative’ which resulted in Amaka Breaking down in tears why also hitting out at phyna with insults as the confrontation continues.