The ships which is the most common force on the Big brother Naija reality TV show is finally taking its own shape with Relationship starting to build up for BBN level-up.


A large portion of the housemates are beginning to catch feelings for one another with the most prominent one being that of sheggz and Bella’s who had the following discussion just last night.


Sheggz : You’re beautiful, but you need to make effort, I need you to make an effort. I feel like were gonna spend time with me making the effort without you doing same
Bella: I never told you to make an effort
Sheggz: I know you didn’t but I would
Bella: To get me you have to put in work


Funnily enough, not only sheggz and Bella seems to be building their bond just yet, as something seems to be going on in between Hermes and Alysyn who also had the following discussion.

Hermes: I want to be your close friend, I want to support your happiness, I feel like I am attracted to you sexually and ihope we get to know each other.
Alysyn: If it works here, what happens outside the house with your other two girlfriends?