There’s a triangle clearly and visibly forming here with a ship also about to form as Sheggz changes Bella’s Name To Babe on the Big Brother Naija reality TV show level up edition.


5 days into the reality TV show and it is a known fact that Sheggz is looking forward to getting entangled in a relationship with his fellow housemate and counterpart Bella.

Having been spotted on a large nunber of times sharing some good moments together while also having some nice time out, as well as holding intimating discussion as to the number of children they would want.


Communing with one another just recently,  Sheggz was quick to point to the fact to Bella that she isn’t just reciprocating his energy in attempt building their relationship.


The following conversation were held

Sheggz: “You’re beautiful, but you need to make effort.”

Bella: “I never told you to make an effort. To get me, you have to put in work.”


When questioned by Bella as to why he keeps calling her ‘babe, Sheggz stated that he prefers ‘babe’ because everyone else calls her Bella and he is not everybody else.