An elderly man’s pension money was wiped out by Yahoo boys in Lagos

Yahoo boys in Lagos
Yahoo boys in Lagos

Yesterday being Friday 17 April 2021, some groups of Yahoo boys in Lagos State wiped out an old man long saving pension money.

A source Damiaros  revealed that this happens at Agbara, Badagry area, Lagos State, keeping the old man frustrated when he visit Zeenith bank that friday.

Damiaros said: “I’m at a bank right now and an elderly man is legit crying. Scammers wiped all the money in his money. Pension money he has been saving for 2 years.”

A source revealed that the old man have received some help from some generous Nigerians.

He said: “Earlier today I made a tweet of a man that was duped by scammers with his account details he got way more than he initially had.”

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