13 Years Old Boy Killed 2 Bandits

Shocking as little boy in Katsina State Killed two bandits and fled afterwards.

The Police has comprehend 13 years old boy by name Abdulkarim Mati for killing 2bandits.

According to information gotten, the boy was taken away from his parents by bandits of which the bandits allegedly told the parents of the boy that he is going to work with their boss in the forest.

According to them, his duty was to rear cows for the bandit’s leader, Ardo Nashaware who resides in Birnin Magaji forget in Zamfara State.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go well as planned, when they got to the forest AK47 instead of cows was given to the young 13 years old boy.

Upon giving him the AK47, he was being taught how to use the Assault riffle and other weapons given to him.

He was Instructed to look after the kidnapped victims in their custody.

The report has it that he ran away from the bandits after he killed two of them for bullying him. He was later found and arrested by the Katsina police command with the alleged AK47 used in the crime.

The police spokesman for the state, Gambo Isah, confirmed the report on Saturday.

” The boy, who demonstrated skills in handling AK- 47, also confessed to have been bullied by some elderly bandits, who provoked him, and as a result, picked an AK- 47 rifle and shot dead two of the elderly bandits, ” Isah said.

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